SQL Server Spotlight on Kirk Haselden

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  • Very interesting..

    More information on the work culture and test cases of some important problems they faced could be interviewed also.

    Please keep up this good work.


    Edward Anil Joseph

  • There's one thing I want to correct. In the main page it says:

    SQL Server Integration Services is one of the most highly anticipated subsystems of SQL Server 2005 and Kirk Haselden is the guy that got it done.

    That's both a bit embarrassing and very inaccurate. I was only part of the SSIS development team. It was a team effort and the truth is that they are the ones that made it happen. The development team included:

    Ashvini Sharma, Sergei Ivanov, Ted Lee, Mike Blasczcak, Mark Durley, Jeff Bernhardt, Michael Entin, Mohammed Shatnawi, Bob Bojanic, Brian Hartman, Ovidiu Burlacu, Silviu Guea, Matt David, and Raman Bakshi.

    This team along with the test and program management team accomplished some pretty incredible stuff, overcame enormous challenges and pulled together in the end to deliver a great product. They are each talented and passionate about what they do and should be recognized for their efforts.


    Kirk Haselden

  • Nice interview. Always good to hear about the people behind the product.

  • Great interview! and thanks for Kirk's correction saying it was a team work. A great team work! Thank you all!

    One thing though, I guess Mike Blaszczak's last name was mis-spelled.

    I keep a copy of his Professional MFC with Visual C++5 programming book, published 1997, by Wrox, and love reading it from time to time, even though nowadays my development work never uses it. He apparently is also a fun guy, calling himself a Testy Code Monkey.

    His web pages can be read at


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