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Database Geek of the Week - Gary Mallow

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Database geeks are all around us. I met Gary Mallow on the email list of a cycling group run by a local church. After some conversation, I discovered that he is a director of a group of developers who build applications, sometimes using .NET and often using Oracle as a database. Like me, Gary is not entirely comfortable with his ability as a UI developer, and so finds database work a good fit.


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Database Geek of the Week - Itzik Ben-Gan

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Itzik Ben-Gan is a writer and mentor in the development community. He writes a monthly column for SQL Server Magazine and co-authored Advanced Transact-SQL for SQL Server 2000 . He is one of the founders of Solid Quality Learning, a global provider of education and solutions for the Microsoft database platform, and serves as its principal mentor.


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Database Geek of the Week - Richard Hundhausen

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Richard Hundhausen is the author of Building Web Applications with ADO.NET and XML Web Services and Programming ADO.NET, both from Wiley, as well as the upcoming Working with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System from Microsoft Press. He is also a trainer, teaching numerous courses and speaking at conferences such as VSLive and Tech Ed.


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Database Geek of the Week - Shawn Wildermuth

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Shawn Wildermuth is the “go-to guy” for information on ADO.NET. He is the author of Pragmatic ADO.NET: Data Access for the Internet World and numerous articles, is a Microsoft MVP, and works as an independent consultant in Atlanta.

Shawn’s web site, The ADO Guy, is a good resource for developers looking for answers to questions about ADO and ADO.NET. The site also lists interesting blogs, books and sites that are among Shawn’s favorites.


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