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Case Study: Importing New Data Without Emptying Existing Tables

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The challenge for Robert Marda was to devise a way to keep the data available at all times while importing the new data, detect if a full or daily update was received and run appropriate data pumps, put in sufficient fail safes to ensure bad data would not get imported, and to make the process automatic including notification to pagers upon failure. Robert shows you how he did it here.


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Data Import Functionality Using SQL Server

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Building robust functionality with maximum re-use of existing infrastructure and investment with little or no development is the goal for many businesses. This article is about using SQL Server DTS packages to achieve this goal. With minimum development, all the functionality required for data imports can be achieved with DTS programming in SQL Server.

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2007-10-02 (first published: )

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Migrating from Oracle to SQL Server

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Are you migrating your database and applications from Oracle to SQL Server and having trouble converting your code from PL/SQL to T-SQL? Then this article might help, though it doesn't cover all aspects. It provides you with answers to most commonly asked migration relasted questions. You will also find links to additional resources and books.


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Scrubbing Data With DTS : Part 2

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Chances are, if you've dealt with any type of data, you know you
rarely receive the data in perfect condition. In this second article in the series on cleaning data, Brian Knight shows you how to scrub data with a more advanced method.

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