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DTS: Copy Objects Task

SQL Server DTS may be one of the best tools ever included with a database server. It makes data movement, copying, any sort of ETL task a breeze. At least for the most part. Bruce Szabo found a place where the Copy Objects task sometimes doesn't work as expected. This article looks a problem he had as well as the solution that you can use to ensure that this task works reliably for you.


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Review: SQLCentric

Monitoring your SQL Servers is something every DBA must do. Checking job status, disk space, etc. is a frequent question seen in our forums. Pearl Knowledge Solutions has developed a product to help you easily setup monitoring on your servers from a web interface. SQLCentric gets 4 stars from author Bruce Szabo; read his detailed review on this fine product.

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Designing a Database with Microsoft Visio 2000

An extremely useful tool to reverse engineer a database is Visio 2000. It also has the ability to generate a database. This generation takes place after Visio has been used to draw the tables and relationships. This process can be a huge time saver. If a database needs to be tweaked and reworked it can be done in Visio and then regenerated. This article is intended to provide a nice introduction to using Visio 2000 to generate a database.


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Kill Processes in a Database

This script kills all the processes using a given database.  It is useful for removing users from a database so it can be restored.To use this script change the server variable and the database variable at the top of the script.  Notifications are written to the windows application eventlog.Use this script at your own risk. […]


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Using Azure Data Factory to Migrate Data


Quite simply the objective as follows: Move data from Azure SQL Database to Azure...

Strategies for Compliant Development Down Under


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Why is my pivot query not returning any data? How to debug a PIVOT query


If you have a PIVOT query and it isn’t returning the data you expect,...

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