Farooq Aziz

Farooq Aziz has extensive experience as a data analytics solution architect with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and an Associate of Science degree. He holds certifications including Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate, Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Administrator, AWS Partner: Sales Accreditation, and AWS Partner: Technical Accreditation.In various roles, including Managing Consultant, Principal Consultant, Advisory Software Engineer, and Business Intelligence Consultant, Farooq has designed and architected business intelligence standards, policies, best practices, adoption roadmaps, and operating models for enterprise clients.He specializes in leveraging data analytics to provide valuable insights to both existing and potential clients, creating new business opportunities and enabling clients to make more informed decisions for their growth. Farooq has built data models in Power BI, Crystal Reports, SSAS Tabular, and SAP BO Universe, and performed complex transformations in Power Query.He has also implemented Power BI embedded reports for customers and organizations, presented POC and solution designs on data analytics platforms to prospective clients, and published articles on business intelligence technology community platforms to educate global data analytical professionals about possible data analytical solutions and best practices.
  • Tagline: Data Analytics Business Intelligence
  • Interests: Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Healthcare Analytics, Retail Analytics,
  • Jobs: Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Consultant
  • Skills: Power BI, SSAS Tabular, SAP BO, Cognos, Data Architect, Data Modeling, Data Governance, Business Intelligence Framework


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