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Automate DTS Logging

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DTS logging is a pretty handy feature - if you've got it enabled. Got lots of packages and want to turn it on for all of them? Thats a lot of point and click using EM, but with the code Haidong has put together, it's a snap. Other possibilities to this code as well. After all, it uses a DTS package to modify other DTS packages.

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SQL Server DTS Best Practices

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This article discusses various SQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS) best practices. It is divided into sections like DTS naming conventions, DTS documentation, troubleshooting DTS packages, improving the performance of DTS packages, securing DTS packages, DTS resources.


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Portable DTS Packages

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Have you ever faced the situation where you have needed to move a DTS package you needed to move a DTS package from one server to another, say from development to production? In this article by Kevin Feit, he shows you how to make a DTS package portable and save time.

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2017-08-23 (first published: )

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Freeware: Terminator Opens Gigabyte Files Easily

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Ever tried to open 1 Gig ASCII file with Notepad? WordPad? Do you remember ASCII codes of Tab and Carriage Return? Enter Terminator; huge ASCII file viewer and BCP helper. Terminator reads top 10 (and more if asked) records of ASCII file of any size. It detects record terminators and calculates current cursor position (field offset) and length of selected area (field length). Best of all, it's free!


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