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RE: DBCC CHECKDB return Errors

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This is why I'm not a fan of using Maintenance Plans.  I much prefer to code all the jobs myself so I get detailed output.  When I'm in DBA mode (I'm currently doing SQL development) I use ISQL to run my DBCCs and pipe the output to a text file.  It's run as a batch […]


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RE: Error 3709 The connection cannot be used to perform this operation. It is either closed or invalid in this contex

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i would bet that a connection string is incorrect when it is moved to production...I don't know your app of course, but if the connections string is hardcoded to look for a specific machine name, ip address, database name,  then it might fail;check the basics of the connection string:from the production machines perspective,does the server […]


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RE: sql server Raiserror function

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My guess would be that there would only be extra overhead when the RaiseError was invoked (Maybe not even then).You could test it by running a script without any RaiseError statements then adding the RaiseError statements and comparing the results.  If the timings are the same with no errors conditions, then you should be okay. Hope […]



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