Hi, I'm Arjun. I'm a Database programmer with over 10 years of experience designing and optimizing OLTP / transaction database systems. Of late, I have been focusing on Data Analytics. I presently work in the Data Analytics team at Oaks Hotels, Brisbane. Most of my work has been on SQL Server, but I have also worked on NoSQL databases such as CosmosDB and MongoDB, and Oracle. I am quite excited about the new Azure suite of products. My goal is to help organizations design scalable data frameworks and take decisions based on actionable data insights.
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Where is your Awesome?

Everyone of us is in a perpetual pursuit of awesomeness - some actively looking for it, while others passively. Either way, it is inherent in our making to reach...

2020-09-11 (first published: )

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Server Review Essentials for Accidental and Junior DBAs—Setting Up (Part 1)


Welcome to a new year, and a new look at what I’ve learned in...

Azure SQL vCore vs DTU


If you are building database solutions in Azure , using Azure SQL Database then...

Synapse Analytics Spark Example 2 - ROW_NUMBER()


The next example is how to do a ROW_NUMBER(), my favourite window function. T-SQL SELECT...

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