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Different Ways to Populate the List of Tables

This article shows how you can query different types of tables, based on certain criteria that may be important to you. A good list of basics for any database administrator that will help you find tables in your database.

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How to Create a SQL Database on a New Drive in Ubuntu

This article explains different methods to move a SQL database into a new directory of Ubuntu Linux. This article covers the following topics. How to install SQL Server 2022 on Ubuntu Linux. How to add a new drive in Linux. Attach the StackOverflow database using the database. Install SQL Server 2022 on Ubuntu I have […]

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Create an HTML Report on the Status of SQL Server Agent Jobs

SQL Server jobs are an integral part of any SQL Server environment. These jobs run a predefined set of tasks and commands at specified intervals, ensuring the database is up-to-date and performing optimally. As a database administrator, it is essential to regularly monitor the status of SQL Server jobs. One way to do this is […]

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A New Word: the Wends


the wends– n. the frustration that you’re not enjoying an experience as much as...

7 Best Online Advanced SQL Training Courses to Learn in 2024 and Beyond


The world runs on data, and SQL is the key to unlocking its secrets....

Manually Updating Redgate Monitor/SQL Monitor Patch Info


This post looks at updating the patch information for SQL Monitor/Redgate Monitor without using...

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Question of the Day

Default Objects in Clones

On SQL Server 2022, I do this:

USE model
(logdate DATETIME2(3), logmsg VARCHAR(2000))
I then create a new database:
I install a new database application in here with multiple tables, views, etc. I do not run any queries. I then decide to run this code:
What happens?

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