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A First Look at SSMS 20

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Recently Microsoft released SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) v20.0, which is a major release of the primary tool that many of us use to work with SQL Server. Over the last few years, the tools team at Microsoft has worked to separate the tools from the various editions, giving us separate SSMS downloads. There have […]

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How Often Do You Update SSMS?

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I got a message recently that SSM S19.3 is out. I am wary of major versions, especially with a few add-in tools, but I have tended to try and update SSMS regularly when it patches, which is about once a quarter. As I checked my desktop, I saw I was still on 19.1 (my laptop […]

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Azure Data Studio vs SSMS - Who is the winner?

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Introduction I have to admit that I love SSMS. It is a great tool, and I felt furious when a colleague mentioned that Azure Data Studio will replace SSMS in the long run. In this new article, we will talk about the main differences between Azure Data Studio and SSMS. We will see if my […]

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