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Introduction to SQL Server Security — Part 3

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SQL Server supports partially contained databases. This gives you the option of adding database users with a password inside the database. This makes the database easier to move to another instance or participate in an Always On Availability Group. In this article, Robert Sheldon explains how to work with users in contained databases.


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Introduction to SQL Server Security — Part 1

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Security is often considered the most important of a database administrator's responsibilities. SQL Server has many powerful features for security and protecting data, but planning and effort are required to properly implement them. In this article, the first of a series, Robert Sheldon reviews the many components available to secure and protect SQL Server databases.


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Questions About SQL Server Security and Access Control You Were Too Shy to Ask

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For many developers, database security and Access control is just something that gets in the way of development work. However, several recent security breaches have had devastating consequences and have caused a change in attitude about the value to any organisation of having database applications that meet industry standards for access control and security. The problem, however is in admitting that you have a problem and finding answers to those problems you are just too shy to ask in public.


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Stairway to SQL Server Security

Stairway to SQL Server Security Level 8: Data Encryption

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This stairway level will explore data protection through encryption, both when the data is in motion across the network or in memory and at rest in a table. You’ll learn about the encryption key hierarchy and the various kinds of keys you can use to encrypt data, as well as how you can manage the keys or let SQL Server do it for you.

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Installing SQL on a Remote Server

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I need to install SQL on a machine to which I do not have physical access.  The machine is housed in a colocation facility some 2 hours away.  It's running 2003 Server Web edition and I'm trying to install SQL 2000 Enterprise.  When I connect via Remote Desktop and try to launch the setup, Installshield […]


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RE: Recommendations for a Query Analyzer replacement

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I have been using ApexSQL Edit for several months. It has some very handy additions that make writing sql easier (such as intellisense). There are still times that I use QA, but they are usually when I must generate standard INSERT/DELETE or UPDATE sql for a table, procedure or function and then I copy/paste that […]


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Auditing logins

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We have a system which uses a common sql server authenticated login for access by everyone (may the vendor be eaten by small sharp-toothed animals).  I'd like to be able to track the host and the application of every login from sysprocesses.  I can probably run profiler to save the information I need, but is […]


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