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SQL Sudoko

The latest puzzle craze seems to be Sudoko with all kinds of online puzzles, books, etc. appearing around the world. Longtime SQL Server guru David Poole decided solving the puzzles was not enough of a challenge and brings us some T-SQL to help solve those difficult ones keeping you from getting back to work.

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SQLExaminer Review

Have you ever needed to figure out which objects in development need to go to production? Ever wondered about how to get your databases back in synch? SQL Server guru David Poole takes a look at SQL Examiner, a product that he feel works well for him and is looking to purchase. Read about David's impressions and see if this is for you.


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Quick Hints for using the RAISERROR Command

SQL Server 2000 error handling isn't the most mature system for dealing with unexpected events. It has been much enhanced in SQL Server 2005, but many people will be using SQL Server 2000 for a long time. RAISERROR is one of those functions that can really aid in troubleshooting, but is often underutilized. David Poole brings us some hints on how this can help you out in your code.

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Data Archiving: Problems and Solutions

SQL Server does an exceptional job at managing your data and making it available for your users and applications. However it doesn't know when you are done with data and there is not archival solution built. Author David Poole likens not having a strategy to leaving certain undesirable clothing items on your floor and provides some common problems and potential solutions based on his experiences.

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Can You Compute?

Transact-SQL in SQL Server 2000 has some interesting features, many of which most DBAs will never use. While many DBAs are famliar with the basic aggregate functions, there are a few that are advanced and not well understood. The ROLLUP and COMPUTE operators are two of these and David Poole takes a look at how these work and a practical application for them.


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A Look at MYSQL

SQL Server is the best RDBMS, at least according to the current thinking at SQLServerCentral.com, and is fully capable of meeting all of your database needs. However that does not mean you should ignore other platforms. A good DBA will be aware of and perhaps skilled in other platforms and tools, including competing database systems. There has been a lot of buzz about the open source MySQL RDBMS this past year and David Poole takes a look at this server, giving you some points of comparison with

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Running Express Edition in a Container–#SQLNewBlogger


Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for...

How SQL Server stores data types: sql_variant


This post looks at a curious data type that isn’t really a data type....

Microsoft Ignite Announcements 2020


Microsoft Ignite has always announced many new products and new product features, and this year...

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