The Lighter Side - Life is like an analogy

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  • Outstanding; Thank-you for taking the time to lighten my day.


  • That made me laugh :w00t:.. A good way to start a day, and yes, it's a great analogy for a project.. Especially the part about chasing turds.. Don't expect me to get excited over a project when I know the end users will spend their time on the end result chasing turds down a pipe! Excellent!

  • Very funny!

    Kindest Regards,

    Frank Bazan

  • Wonderful Wonderful, Though I hate anologies but this one is good. :w00t:

    This one may inspire others to write more and more articles like this. This helps to ease our stress ........;)

    David excellent one .......

  • I notice that Jodrell offers a 3D simulation of a trip to Mars - maybe the first project wasn't so impossible afterall?

    But then, it is always after the project that another developer rocks up and offers an off the shelf package that they reckon would do the same job for less effort and cost...

  • Well played, I enjoyed that. At least a chocolate ice cream always expectation manages my kid to a satisfied customer.

  • Superb article! 5/5 from me matey-boy! 🙂

    Con mucho carino,

    RiK Munoz

  • lol good work! 5\5 from me!

  • Outstanding. I'm on a project much like that one now.

  • Definitely a good chuckle and it also strikes me that while I have a great plan to use a nice process to correctly identify data needed to complete a change, someone always gets distracted and sends the plan down the drain.;)


  • Brilliant!

  • Excellent! While I am now in the USA, I went to Manchester University, so the mention of Jodrell Bank got my attention right away.


  • its only 35 miles from me so wondering whether my six year old would enjoy or feel like the deliverable didnt match up to his visions/expectations of x-wings and deathstars flying around etc


  • . . . I will suffer an irrepressible smile all day -- right after I send this article link to my clients !:D

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