David Poole

An Is Null Gotcha

In T-SQL you should use the IS NULL keywords to test for a null value. But David Poole runs into a strange gotcha in one of his applications where he is testing for a null value. It's an interesting read following Sherlock Poole around on his hunt to find an error.

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Using Bits to Store Data

David recently worked on a project where it turned out storing the answers to a survey using bitmapping was a good approach. He was good enough to write some of it down and share. As he notes bitmapping isn't used as often as it used to be, but it can still be a useful technique to have around.

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Dealing with Addresses

David writes about the system he put together to handle addresses and the pros and cons of various techiques. Familiar with Soundex? He uses that too! Even though some of the info is specific to Great Britain, it's good reading. Addresses are one of the hardest pieces of information to handle!

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