Andy Warren

Using the Copy Database Wizard

In a follow up article to Rahul's article on 'Copying Databases from Server to Server' Andy looks at another option, the Copy Database Wizard introduced in SQL 2000. Easy to use, but like most wizards it has a couple gotchas you need to know about. Good article for beginners and pro's alike!

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The Case for SQL Logins - Part 1

Andy says Windows Authentication "is bad". What? That's not what Microsoft says! Heck, that's not even what we say! Everyone knows NT authentication is the way to go. Then again, when was the last time Andy wrote an article that wasn't worth reading?! Read the article, rate it and add a comment - and automatically be entered in a drawing for a copy of SQL Server 2000 Performance Tuning donated by Microsoft Press.

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Snowflake – Understanding constraints


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Getting a List of Tags from the Microsoft Container Registry–#SQLNewBlogger


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