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Default Values and Named Parameters for Stored Procs

Are you using default values for your parameters? Using named parameters when you call the proc or passing the values by ordinal? Should you be? Andy thinks 6 out of 10 of our readers will agree with his point of view, we'll be a little more conservative and guess that 5 of out 10 will be closer.

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Alternatives to SQL Backups

All of do us regular backups. Ok, all of us SHOULD do regular backups. In this article Andy comments on why having a backup plan isn't enough and why you should look at some other options for when you need to fix data errors. This really speaks to the goal of minimizing down time using low tech, readily available solutions. If you're not interested yet, we'll add this - one of the alternatives he suggests is Microsoft Access!


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Snapshot Replication

Now that Andy has converted Steve Jones to a DMO believer we asked him to spend some time discussing replication. In this kick off article he discussion snapshot replication at a very high level - and looking for reasons to use it. This article isn't about how to do snapshot replication, it's about whether you should.

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