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SQL Server 2017 Build List


This is a list of the builds for SQL Server 2017. There are other build lists available here.

A list of all the builds that I can find and install on my Build VM. If you find a build not listed here, please let the webmaster know (webmaster at sqlservercentral.com). All builds are listed in reverse order, so the newest are at the top and the earliest at the bottom. You can find your build number with:

select @@Version

in a query window. This gives you the current version you are running and it should match up with one of the builds listed below.

You can also download a CSV of the builds attached to this article.

Production Builds

These are the builds that have been released to the public for sale and are supported.

BuildKnowledge Base ArticleDescriptionDate of release
14.0.3471.25040940SQL Server 2017 Cumulative Update #31+GDR July 20242024-07-09
14.0.3465.15029376SQL Server 2017 Cumulative Update #31+GDR (Antique Passenger)2023-10-11
14.0.3460.95014553Security update for SQL Server 2017 RTM CU31: February 14, 20232023-02-14
14.0.3456.25016884SQL Server 2017 CU312022-09-20
14.0.3451.25013756SQL Server 2017 CU302022-06-14
14.0.3445.25014553Security update for SQL Server 2017 RTM CU29: June 14, 20222022-07-14
14.0.3421.105010786SQL Server 2017 CU292022-03-30
14.0.3421.105008084SQL Server 2017 CU282022-01-13
14.0.3421.1050069446SQL Server 2017 CU272021-10-28
14.0.3411.35005226SQL Server 2017 CU262021-09-14
14.0.3401.75003830SQL Server 2017 CU252021-07-12
14.0.3391.25001228SQL Server 2017 CU242021-05-10
14.0.3381.35000685SQL Server 2017 CU232021-02-24
14.0.3370.14583457SQL Server 2017 CU22 + GDR Security Update 12 Jan 20212021-01-12
14.0.3356.204577467SQL Server 2017 CU222020-09-10
14.0.3335.74557397SQL Server 2017 CU212020-07-01
14.0.3294.24541283SQL Server 2017 CU202020-4-09
14.0.3281.64535007SQL Server 2017 CU192020-2-05
14.0.3257.34527377SQL Server 2017 CU182019-12-09
14.0.3238.34515579SQL Server 2017 CU172019-08-01
14.0.3223.34508218SQL Server 2017 CU162019-08-01
14.0.3192.24505225SQL Server 2017 CU15 GDR: July 9, 20192019-07-09
14.0.3162.14498951CU#15 for SQL Server 20172019-05-24
14.0.3103.14494352CU#14 for SQL Server 2017 + GDR (SSAS)2019-05-14
14.0.3048.44466404CU#13 for SQL Server 20172018-12-18
14.0.3045.244464082CU#12 for SQL Server 20172018-10-28
14.0.3038.144462262CU#11 for SQL Server 20172018-09-20
14.0.3037.14342123CU#10 for SQL Server 20172018-08-28
14.0.3035.24293805Remote Code Execution vulnerability in SQL Server 20172018-08-14
14.0.3030.274341265CU#9 for SQL Server 20172018-07-18
14.0.3029.164338363CU#8 for SQL Server 20172018-06-21
14.0.3026.274229789CU#7 for SQL Server 20172018-05-24
14.0.3025.344101464CU#6 for SQL Server 20172018-04-19
14.0.3023.84092643CU#5 for SQL Server 20172018-03-20
14.0.3022.284056498CU#4 for SQL Server 20172018-02-20
14.0.3015.404052987CU#3 for SQL Server 20172018-01-09
14.0.3008.274052574CU#2 for SQL Server 20172017-11-27
14.0.3006.164038634CU#1 for SQL Server 20172017-10-24
14.0.2056.25040942SQL Server 2017 RTM+GDR July 20242024-07-09
14.0.2052.15029375SQL Server 2017 RTM+GDR (Antique Passenger)2023-10-11
14.0.2047.85021127Security Update SQL Server 2017 GDR Feb 14, 20232023-02-14
14.0.2042.34505224SQL Server 2017 GDR June 14, 20222022-06-14
14.0.2037.24583456SQL Server 2017 GDR Jan 12, 20212021-01-12
14.0.2027.24505224SQL Server 2017 GDR July 9, 20192019-07-09
14.0.2014.44494351SQL Server 2017 GDR (SSAS)2019-05-14
14.0.2002.144293803Remote Code Execution vulnerability in SQL Server 2017 (GDR)2018-08-14

Pre-Release Builds

These are the builds that were available prior to the RTM of SQL Server v.Next.

BuildDescriptionDate Released
14.0.600.250CTP 2.12017-05-18
14.0.500.272CTP 2.02017-04-19
14.0.405.226CTP 1.42017-03-17
14.0.304CTP 1.32017-02-17 1.22017-01-20 1.12016-12-16 1.02016-11-30

Again, if you find something not listed, let me know.



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