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    Do you have an error in the first query under the 'Choosing what gets Trimmed' section?  Currently it shows the query as:
    SELECT Result = '[' + TRIM(n) + ']' ,
    = ASCII(SUBSTRING(TRIM(n), 1, 1)),
    = ASCII(SUBSTRING(TRIM(n), LEN(TRIM(n)) - 1, 1))
    FROM( VALUES (',Broncos, Raiders, Chargers, Chiefs ') ,
    (',Texans, Jaguars, Colts, Titans, ' ) ,
    ('Steelers,Ravens,Browns,Bengals,') ,
    AS a (n);

    And the results show rows with missing commas at the beginning and end, but the actual TRIM commands "TRIM(n)"does not list that commas should be removed (which I think is what you intended).

    An interesting new feature in SQL Server though, thanks for the article highlighting that it finally exists.

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    Yep. Thanks, forgot the TRIM(',' FROM n) part.

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    I must admit, when I saw the title, TRIM() in T-SQL my first thought was, "boring!" 
    That said - I was quite impressed and found the article to be quite informative. Great work Steve.

    -- Alan Burstein

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    AS I dont have version 2017, will it remove two leading or trailing commas instead of one as you showed in your example. Would it Remove two leading 'patriots' in the string?
    Thanks, great article

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    "I don't know why they made this decision instead of structuring things like this..."
    Because ANSI SQL.

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