Import flat files to SQL Server on Linux using Azure Data Studio

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  • I've had success with the wizard when using smaller files. However when I try to import a big file (700+ MB, 255 Columns, ~450k Rows) I'm stuck with the loading circle on step two before I can preview the data. I was wondering if I increased my CPU usage on Docker (Currently set at 2 CPU) along with my run time memory (currently at 4 GB), would that speed up the loading time for that file? I'm not too technical when it comes to hardware components such as CPU's and RAM  but I have a general understanding (New to Docker as well). I also have another laptop that has a GPU, I'm wondering if I can put that to use within docker for this container? I have even left the file to be imported over night and I was still stuck with the loading circle the next day. I know this extension is still somewhat new and was wondering if it is something on their end or if there is anything else I can try?

    Next step: I'm going to try to upload in chunks. Start big with 75,000 - 100,000 records per chunk to see if that will work. Or try converting it into a txt or JSON from CSV. There are also a lot of Nulls in the file. Not sure if that can throw off the import steps? I also know that my file is wide (255 columns) and know that that is usually the max for some applications and RDBMS.


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