Easily Create Insert Scripts with AutoInserts

One of the most pain-staking tasks a developer and DBA must often accomplish is to create an install procedure for the database. This involves creating the necessary DDL to create the tables, relationships and indexes. Inevitably in this process you forget about the data. AutoInserts to the rescue!

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Scrubbing Data With DTS : Part 2

Chances are, if you've dealt with any type of data, you know you
rarely receive the data in perfect condition. In this second article in the series on cleaning data, Brian Knight shows you how to scrub data with a more advanced method.

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Goal Progress–November 2020


This is my report, which continues on from the Oct report. It’s getting near...

Azure Synapse Analytics is GA!


(Note: I will give a demo on Azure Synapse Analytics this Saturday Dec 5th...

5 Things You Should Know About Azure SQL


Azure SQL offers up a world of benefits that can be captured by consumers...

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reference for writing stored procedures (especially spatial) in DB2

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A Technology Collapse

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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