Managing Jobs - Part 1

How many jobs do you have? 10? 100? 1000? Andy makes the point that what works to manage for a small number of jobs doesn't work when that number doubles or triples (well, unless you only had 1 job to start with!). In part one of two, this article looks at ideas for using categories and naming conventions to get things under control.

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Freeware: Terminator Opens Gigabyte Files Easily

Ever tried to open 1 Gig ASCII file with Notepad? WordPad? Do you remember ASCII codes of Tab and Carriage Return? Enter Terminator; huge ASCII file viewer and BCP helper. Terminator reads top 10 (and more if asked) records of ASCII file of any size. It detects record terminators and calculates current cursor position (field offset) and length of selected area (field length). Best of all, it's free!


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How to move SQL Server from one computer to another?

Moving SQL Server from one computer to another is not a very difficult thing to do, but it often stumps newbie DBAs. Of course, it needs careful planning to ensure that the SQL Server is moved completely and properly to the new machine, and with a minimal downtime and no data loss. This article introduces you to a couple of methods you can employ to move/migrate SQL Server from one computer to another.


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Worst Practice - Bad Comments

This one is pretty interesting, Andy discusses a few things he sees in comments that not only fail to add value, they end up costing extra time. There's room for discussion here, but definitely a discussion worth having - comments can make you or break you, here's a chance to think about what you think is important in commenting and pass that on to your development team.

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