Sales Order Workshop Part II

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    The second sample under the subsection "Sample Data" has variable names that are a little confusing, probably because they were cut-n-paste from the previous sample code.

    x.orderNumber, x.customerNumber, x.orderDate might more appropriately be named x.itemNumber, x.qty, x.rate to avoid confusion.

    Thanks for the great article.


  • Hi Charles, Thank you for pointing this out. I have corrected it, however, it might take a few days before the new version will be published.




  • Hi, good improvement in relation to 1rst part of the series, now the procedure receives only one parameter and filling the tables is now equal on the header and the items. If I had more child tags inside Items (say bunch of subitems) then I had to use something like:


    FROM OPENXML ( @hdoc, '/salesOrder/lineItems/item/subitem', 1 ) WITH (

    subItemNumber VARCHAR(20) '@subitemNumber',

    subQty INT '@subqty',

    subRate FLOAT '@subrate'

    ) AS x


    And last but not least. Same problem when trying to download the sql code, the links are empty.

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