Sales Order Workshop Part III

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  • If you say A you have to say and B .

    Please can you explane how to save data from an windows master/ detailed form in XML format.

    Excuse me, I am new in XML


  • could you give me a more precise problem description? i will get back to you with a working example then.


  • Hi Jacob,

    In the Sproc SaveSalesOrderIII, if I put the OrderHeader details obtained from OPENXML into a temp table/table variable and update the orderheader table by joining with that.Which one will be better,either using XML or just query once and join that output later on? This way we can avoid using OPENXML. Does it make any difference?

  • If you need to join with the results of OPENXML in more than one query/batch, it is advisable to put the results of OPENXML into a memory/temp table and use it.


  • Great, just tested, everything ok, had some collation issues on my database but is ok now.

    I received several "invalid name error" related to ItemNumber/itemNumber, OrderNumber/orderNumber, OrderHeader/orderHeader. Don't know exactly if it is my fault or it is related with the collation errors I was having.

    As before, the links to the source code are empty.

    So far, so good...

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