Recover SQL Server Resource Database

SQL Server Post Update Failure | Troubleshooting - In this tip we look at the steps to recover missing SQL Server mssqlsystemresource database files that cause SQL Server not to startup. This can occur when an update to SQL Server does not complete successfully therefore making these files absent from the folder where they need to reside.

How to Think Like the SQL Server Engine: Using Statistics to Build Query Plans

Every index has a matching statistic with the same name, and each statistic is a single 8KB page of metadata that describes the contents of your indexes. Stats have been around (and been mostly the same) for forever, so this is one of the places where SQL Server’s documentation really shines: Books Online has a ton of information about statistics. You honestly don’t need to know most of that – but if you wanna make a living performance tuning, there’s a ton of great stuff in there.


Session Evaluations from “SQL Server Security from the Ground Up”


I was recently given the opportunity to speak at Pass Summit. As always (this...

SSMS Tip: Beep When Query Completes


I’m old enough to remember when multitasking was considered a good thing. From the...

The Eleven Days of Festivus 2019


The weather is turning cooler, there is holiday music everywhere, and the relatives are...

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