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Optimized Plan Forcing with Query Store in SQL Server 2022

In this Article ,  We will delve into the world of Query Store and explore how to use Optimized Plan Forcing to improve performance in SQL Server 2022. We will discuss what it is, how it works, and how it can impact your system's performance.

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A Season of Reflection

As I think about heading into the fall conference season (and seeing so many familiar faces!!), I realize that I'm going to be asking myself a set of familiar questions. Who am I? What skills do I need to improve on in the coming year? Who do I look up to in the community and […]

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Working around schema drift in SQL Server

At Stack Overflow, our environment has multiple implementations of a largely – but not 100% – identical schema. (By “schema,” I mostly mean the set of tables within a database.) I sometimes need to retrieve or update data across a large number of sites. Let’s say, pulling or removing information from the Users table, and related tables, across all of our databases.

Stairway to DAX and Power BI

Stairway to DAX and Power BI Level 25: Time Intelligence – Dates Functions: The DAX CLOSINGBALANCE*() Functions

Business Intelligence Architect, Analysis Services Maestro, and author Bill Pearson introduces three similar DAX Time Intelligence functions related to Date: CLOSINGBALANCEMONTH(), CLOSINGBALANCEQUARTER(), and CLOSINGBALANCEYEAR(). He discusses the syntax, uses and operation of each function, and then provides hands-on exposure to it in Power BI.


SQL Saturday Denver 2023–VCS Primer for the Database slides


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Future Data Driven 2023 is This Week


The Future Data Driven 2023 virtual conference is coming on Wednesday, September 27. Register...

Opening the SQL Prompt Command Palette


A few years ago SQL Prompt added a command palette to let you search...

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