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  • RE: RS 2005 Installation Problem

    I ran into something like this too.  I think I solved it by restarting my MSSQLSERVER service.  I also had to make sure to install the developer edition of the...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 04 Oct 2005

    I agree.  I got the question right, but it works with the default settings only.  I thought the question would be about the ANSI NULL settings, obviously that affects the...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 22 Sep 2005

    Cool!  We can comment on how bad/poorly worded/poorly edited the questions are before they're published!

  • RE: Test

    Yes and no.  That is,  SSIS can be part of a solution, but if you want two-way synchronization with two live databases, you will need some sort of mechanism to...

  • RE: Transparent Client Redirection

    This refers to database mirroring, which is not going to be a part of SQL 2k5 release.

  • RE: How to edit SQL inside DTS package

    This was fixed in SP4, at least for me.

  • RE: Detach/attach and default database

    sp_defaultdb [ @loginame = ] 'login' ,

        [ @defdb = ] 'database'


  • RE: Question of the Day for 16 Sep 2005

    Someone needs to edit these questions and answers.  This is the third time in recent weeks that the answer has been incorrect.  Especially the backup questions seem to be mixed...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 02 Sep 2005

    That was my conclusion also.  Since I didn't see 7 as an option I figured 6 was closest.  Who worries about the private network?  Yes you have to set those...

  • RE: Has anyone applied SP3a to SP3?

    If you must get @@version to show > .760, you can install one of the post SP3 hotfixes to get it up to .818 or higher.

  • RE: Merge Replication Not Updating

    I don't know specifically why the conflict viewer won't work, but the conflict data is stored in conflict tables in the publication DB.  You can check there manually.  For example: ...

  • RE: sp_who v. sp_who2

    I have found this to be very useful, when dealing with over 300 connections:

    sp_who2 'active' a list of active connections, ones where activity is not 'AWAITING COMMAND'

  • RE: #Temp Table

    I was thinking of where you suggested:

    if Object_id(tempdb..#tempTable)>0...

    This will only work in the connection that created the temp table...since he was looking for it in EM I thought I should...

  • RE: #Temp Table

    Ah, sushila, I missed where you said, run this in tempdb.  Some people try looking in the local db.

  • RE: Transactional Vs. Merge

    We use merge replication in a similar scenario, though we have many more transactions.  It doesn't scale well to our size, about 300 GB of data/indexes.  But for smaller situations...

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 62 total)