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  • RE: A Technique for Determining the I/O Hog in your Database

    I have one problem with the calculations.  Overall it's a good article, and more metrics are always useful, if they're accurate.

    He lists the calculation for data flow as: Data Flow...

  • RE: SQL Server 2000 POST SP-4

    I don't know about this one in particular, but I haven't had problems installing hotfixes to specific cluster instances in the past.  (Well, sometimes it would not recognize the proper...

  • RE: SQL Mail in SQL 2005

    Just guessing here, but are your two instances (2000 and 2005) both running as the same account?  The sql service uses its account credentials to login to a MAPI profile. ...

  • RE: problems with return parameter of store procedure

    The return value of a stored proc is always an int.  If you use a smaller type, like tinyint or smallint, it will be converted. If you try to return...

  • RE: Uninstalling 2005 CTP

    Don't know if this will work, but....I would try running the SQL install and see if it gives you an option to uninstall the application.


  • RE: replication agent

    The error details menu option is only available if the last action reported was an error.  Otherwise, there is no error to display.  If you want to examine an older...

  • RE: Cluster replication across a firewall

    Just to add my 2 cents:

    I've always noticed (since working in a clustered replicated environment) that the replication agents show up as the node name instead of the sql host...

  • RE: Reading from the Transaction Log ....?

    There is also the log reader function, again undocumented:

    select * from ::fn_dblog(@@dbid,null)


    Yes that's how it works.  We use NOT FOR REPLICATION on our identity columns, triggers, and constraints.  The replication agent is integrated with SQL Server so it knows whether to...

  • RE: No Replicated Tables in a Replicated data Base

    Yes, if you don't need the data to be replicated between servers, you can create the table with the same schema on the subscriber and run the SP there.


  • RE: Tricky problem!

    What we do is have SQL Server manage the identity ranges for most of our tables.  If you go to publication properties, Articles tab, then click on the ... for...

  • RE: Evicting node form cluster and bringing it back, or problem with MSDTC

    It may be best practice to have MSDTC in its own group, but I haven't had a problem with it being part of the cluster group.  It seems to be...

  • RE: Renaming Servers

    You have two options.  First, go to Client Network Utility, under SQL Server in the Program menu.  There you can set up an alias, e.g. MyServerX ->

    Or, you can...

  • RE: Sysaltfiles contains unexpected record after RESTORE

    I'm guesssing the original DB had that file.  If you do a RESTORE FILELISTONLY from the .bak file you can see the DB files that are part of the original...

  • RE: Deleting only one of rows among duplicate rows

    Another way, if you don't have a primary key and don't want to use a cursor or group by:



    DELETE My Table WHERE field1 = 'DUPE'



Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 62 total)