Renaming Servers

  • Hi, i want to rename the servers in the console tree on the left of SQL Server Enterprise Manager so that they are easier to understand. At the moment, they are all just IP addresses...

    Can anyone tell me how to change the names of them?


  • You have two options.  First, go to Client Network Utility, under SQL Server in the Program menu.  There you can set up an alias, e.g. MyServerX ->

    Or, you can use the network name of the server.  This assumes that there is a DNS entry for the server.  If it's over the Internet, you may be out of luck.  Find out what the network name of the server is and you should be able to use that.  You can execute "select @@servername" in QA to find out what the server thinks its name is.  You may have to use a fully qualified name, like

    After that, you can re-register the servers under the name instead of the IP address.


    Dylan Peters
    SQL Server DBA

  • thats the exact answer i was looking for mate.... thanks very much.

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