SQL Server 2000 POST SP-4

  • I am running SQL Server 2000 with SP-4 on OS Windows 2000 & 2003. my question is can i install "Cumulative Hotfix for SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 - Build 2187 for x86 and x64 Based Systems" on Top of SQL SP-4 & is there any known issue or need to follow specific steps. any help will be appeciated & thank in advance.

  • I did it (just ran the package) and had no issues so far

    But I noticed that this was the first time I had to restart the WHOLE Server after applying a SQL Server Service Pack!

  • does anyone know if this hotfix rollup is cluster aware?


  • I don't know about this one in particular, but I haven't had problems installing hotfixes to specific cluster instances in the past.  (Well, sometimes it would not recognize the proper version, but that's another issue).

    Dylan Peters
    SQL Server DBA

  • ok - so we bit the bullet and applied it to the cluster at 6am this morning. It is cluster aware (apparently the patch was withdrawn in march because the cluser install failed it was then released again in may)

    unfortunatly the patch does stop your sql services (for some reason they call it "spawning") rather than fail them over and then upgrade the passive nodes as they become passive. so plan for approx 60 seconds downtime when running this patch


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