No Replicated Tables in a Replicated data Base

  • I have been having Good success with report performance by replicating our live system to a different server.  I am now looking at getting some of our more complicated reports to come over.   What i am wondering is can i have tables in a replicated data base that are not part of the Artilces of the publication.   I have one stored procedure that user server tables that have no primary key and are nothing more than a collection area like a temp table.  If i have all the source tables that the procedure needs via relication and i have the stored procedure in the replicated database can i just create the structure for the temp tables in teh Replicated data base and fire the store procedure??

  • Yes, if you don't need the data to be replicated between servers, you can create the table with the same schema on the subscriber and run the SP there.


    Dylan Peters
    SQL Server DBA

  • Thanks it is working a great. 

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