Evicting node form cluster and bringing it back, or problem with MSDTC

  • I can not reinstall MSDTC on win2k3, SQL 2000 active/pasive cluster. In one article (http://www.intrasection.com/pjmorr/2005/07/05/msdtc-failing-in-a-cluster/) I've found the same problem and methods how they could solve this. My question: can i simply evict the 1 node from cluster and safely bring it back later by command add-new-node in the cluster administrator? Will my registries gonna be ok after that?

    I've already read http://support.microsoft.com/kb/301600/ but there I can't find what to do if I need to reinstall MSDTC.

    The problem is when I install  "Enable network DTC access", it creates MSDTC in cluster group and puts MSDTC log file to Quorum disk. I have created separate group for MSDTC resources with separate physical disk, MSDTC net name, MSDTC IP address, but I can not put MSDTC resourse(distributed transaction coordinator) there. When I delete that resource for cluster group and create in MSDTC group it fails. It doesn't create its new log file on new physical disk

    Does anyone know find out?

    Thanks, Vidas

  • It may be best practice to have MSDTC in its own group, but I haven't had a problem with it being part of the cluster group.  It seems to be the default anyway.

    Dylan Peters
    SQL Server DBA

  • Yes, in that way it should be. But when I create MSDTC resourse in that separate group, the msdtc log file doesn't appear in the new physical disk and MSDTC resource fails



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