Uninstalling 2005 CTP

  • I want to uninstall 2005 CTP but I don't see it in Add/Remove Programs. How do I uninstall it?

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  • Don't know if this will work, but....I would try running the SQL install and see if it gives you an option to uninstall the application.


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  • Which CTP are you uninstalling The June or September one? The reason I ask is the june one is more tricky to take out

  • This is what I followed and it worked:


  • Each build should come with its own "Build Uninstall Wizard"

    From the CTP download (or Beta CD) find sqlbuw.exe, it should be located under the "Tools\Setup Tools\Build Uninstall Wizard"  I'm pretty sure the official CTP readmes suggest using this tool vs the "Add/Remove Programs" method.

  • Re-run setup ... after is goes through the environment check you can find the uninstall under advanced options. I traced it to that point but have not executed it.

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