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Managing Test Data for Database Development

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In coming up with a strategy for managing test data, first you need to understand what the many test requirements are likely to be for the particular database you are developing. Next, you need to create all the different categories of test data required to suite test requirements and, finally, work out how to manage it in a way that allows a test-driven approach to development.

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Looking Back and Forward

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I took part in a podcast this week, Arrested DevOps. I did one with them once before, almost ten years ago. The host and I were both a little surprised that it had been so long. This caused us to look back a bit. Interestingly enough, ten years ago meant I was only about two […]

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Let Your Data Do the Talking with PowerPoint Plus Power BI

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What is this about This article will be about Power BI and PowerPoint collaborating. Both tools are well-known to anyone, particularly to those who are presenting data, charts and visualizations. Without a doubt, these are powerful tools for communicating and visually transmitting information. We can use them to hand over complex information in a simple, […]

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The Data Professional Social Graph

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Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to hear a keynote by Vik Fearing at Swiss PGDay 2023. He talked about Property Graphs and the Graph Query Language (not to be confused with GraphQL), a recent addition to the SQL:2023 standard. The discussion was mostly theoretical in nature because only Oracle has a current implementation […]

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Keep Sharing

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I was given a little reward the other day. My son came home telling me that the manufacturing company he works for wants to build some custom test equipment using Arduino-style controller chips. I've been experimenting, pretty darned lightly so far, with these over the last year. He starts asking me about which controllers I […]

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Using ThinOptics to Read Data


As I’ve aged, I find myself struggling to read many things in my life....

PostgreSQL Events – A Newbies Perspective: #PGSQLPhriday 014


For this month’s #PGSQLPhriday 014 blogging event, Pavlo Golub has asked a pretty simple...

Set-Based vs Row-Based Database Code


In SQL Server, the terms “set-based” and “row-based” refer to different approaches or styles...

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