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SQL Log File Too Big

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Is your SQL database log file too big? Maybe it is. But maybe it’s not. When log files keep growing and appear to be too big some might suggest switching to Simple recovery, shrinking the log file, and switching back to Full recovery. While this will work to shrink the file and free up disk […]

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Joining a Community

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In the last week I've been actively trying to join the PostgreSQL community. It's been an interesting experience. I suspect it's going to stay interesting for a while. As part of what I'm doing, I saw this excellent video from Ryan Booz, talking about joining a new community. It got me to thinking. You have […]


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The Great Developer Resignation

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In 2021, many companies had employees leave positions. The number of people resigning from their jobs was so high that the term "The Great Resignation" began appearing in many publications. A number of industries were affected, and there are no shortage of pundits and experts analyzing why. This happened primarily in the US, but the […]

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Model Good Behavior

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I'm answering a question in the forums and I spot something that crawls up my spine: ;WITH... The person was using a Common Table Expression (CTE) which requires that the preceding statement in the batch have a statement terminator, the semi-colon. However, since the terminator isn't required everywhere, lots of people don't use it at […]

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Storage Field Day 23 – SIOS


I am thrilled to have been a part of this year’s Storage Field Day...

Getting a list of the articles in a publication.


The other day I was asked to supply a list of all of the...

Daily Coping 17 May 2022


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

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