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Migration to Production

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SQL Server is an easy to use product in many ways, much better than the other major RDBMSs out there. However it's source control and ease of moving changes from development to production needs some work. Having a solid process is as important as good tools and new author Grant Fritchey brings us his proven method for moving changes through QA into production.


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Generate SQL Automatically Without Compromising Quality

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Most database developers dread including such navigation features as paginated reports, hierarchical navigation, filtering, and full-text search because the amount of time they take to develop is not proportional to the utility or interest they create. In addition, connecting individual pages and controls to the database is mind-numbing work. Since writing SQL is non-trivial in any circumstance, it typically requires a specialist DBA's involvement.
..... As Web-based applications proliferate to bring more functionality directly to end-users, writing every SQL statement for every web-based application in your shop is likely to become a never-ending Sisyphean task for your DBA.


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Keeping QA Up To Date - Part 2

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Working with a QA server in SQL Server 2000 is something everyone should learn to do. Having some staging area between development and production will help ensure a more stable environment and smoother deployments. After a little hiatus, Steve Jones continues with this series looking at moving the latest backup over to QA.


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DB Change Management - An Automated Approach - Part 2

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The second part of the series by Darren Fuller on SQL Server change management, version control, and ways that you can automate this approach. If you do any type of SQL Server development, having a version control system is key to ensuring stability and keeping to your deadlines. Whether you agree with this approach or not, it's good information to have.


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Database Change Management: An Automated Approach

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SQL Server change management is tough. The tools don't integrate with version control systems, there isn't good administrative controls to enforce control, and often you need to buy a third party tool to make this work. New Author Darren Fuller takes a look at the various ways in which you can implement version control in SQL Server. This is part one of a four part series on version control in SQL Server.

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Change Management in Your Database

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SQL Server has no change management integrated with the native tools. This means that each person must develop their own method of handling changes, or live with the chaos that will inevitably ensue. There are a number of articles written about various ways to handle change management and Dinesh Asanka shares his here. Read on and see if this helps you get a handle on changes in your environment.


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