Change Management - Achieving an Automated Approach Part 4

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  • This series covered the theoretical side of db change management quite well BUT didn't give me what I wanted.  I read all 4 parts looking for names of products, real world scenarios, etc and didn't find what I was looking for.  I'd like to see more practical "howto" instructions added to the series.  For instance:

    How do you sequence the individual scripts into one larger build script (easily)?

    What tools do you find work well and why?

    What are the details of managing upgrade/ downgrade scripts in a VCS?

    How do you automatically deduce a db version by looking at the spinning db?

    The implementation section had one section that started to answer my questions.  Maybe the author could do a follow up or part 5?

  • I have to agree here. Where's the detail on how to start or get this magical "change control" tool? Any suggestions by the author would have been much appreciated. From reading this 4 part series, I now have an idea conceptually of what I need, but absolutely no idea how to start about accomplishing it.


  • Thanks for the feedback.  My goal was to present a high level overview of a concept which I believe can bring sorely needed efficiencies to the change management area and not get into the details of specific software tools which can fulfill the role of “change control tool”.  For details of a specific change management tool and how it can implement the methodology I have presented, I recommend DB Ghost at   I will consider a follow up article.  Thanks for the suggestion.


    Darren Fuller

  • Great, thanks Darren. I checked out the site and a lot of specifics about the product. It looks pretty good on the surface, but I'm betting that with most systems a lot of customization takes place. Quite interesting though that companies are starting to come out with sophisticated products like this for DB systems.

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