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Putting Unit Tests to Work

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Testing is an important part of any software development process, but it's a part that many of us skimp on or ignore because of the tedious nature of testing. Longtime author Grant Fritchey has been working with Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals and has written us an article on how you can make your unit testing easier.

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2008-01-16 (first published: )

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Writing Maintainable Code

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No developer or DBA wants to be told how to write their code. Everyone has their own style, but this can cause problems in a team environment where different people need to work on the same section of code. New author Pam Abdulla brings us a few simple techniques that can help you write more maintainable code.

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Unit Testing and Code Generation

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One of the fundamental skills a developer needs is the ability to test their code. Most people don't really do a good job, partly because they don't have a good process and leave testing until the end. Grant Fritchey brings us a new method of unit testing T-SQL stored procedures that can help you build automated tests for your code.

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SQL Server Performance Testing

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This (new) design bothered me. It violated one of the fundamentals that I'd learned and read about for years; namely keeping the primary key small and narrow. It also looked like it would be difficult to maintain. Finally, after arguing back and forth about the merits and drawbacks of each of the designs, we decided that testing them was the only way to be sure


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