A Few Best Practices for Strong SQL Server Security

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  • Hi Smit

    There seems to be a problem with the website page for your article a couple of lines down from the "Using Python's re Module" heading (I am using the MS Edge browser). Each paragraph seems to be in its own vertical column, making them exceedingly tall, thin and awkward to read. Reloading the page makes no difference.

    Maybe Steve J can shed some light on this - web page layout isn't my strong point.


  • -- Create a login with a strong password
    CREATE LOGIN [NewUser] WITH PASSWORD = 'StR0nG_p@ssW0rd!';

    I am not sure SQL Server authentication represents best practice but I suspect it is used a lot due to slow AD connections, Kerberos double-hop problems, non-Windows applications etc. Maybe at least try to have a CA certificate on the server to avoid MITM attacks. As most organizations now have their own CA certificate servers, this should not be as awkward as it used to be.


  • I've corrected the article. A few hidden HTML tags were causing issues when rendering with the public style sheet.


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