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SQLsnake Worm Hits SQL Servers and Networks Hard

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If you haven't changed the SA password on your SQL Server, you may be soon paying the price. Beginning last week, an old worm has come back in full force, infecting about 100 SQL Servers an hour. Reports of heavy port 1433 scanning began in early may but by the 22nd, the virus really began to take its hold on systems with no SA password.


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Auditing Your SQL Server Environment Part I

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Ever been placed into a new environment and couldn't
find an ounce of documentation? This article is the first in a series that will help you make an audit of your new environment
and determine if any SQL Server login does not have a password, has a password the same as the login name or a password that is only one character long.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Security

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This document introduces the new security features of Microsoft SQL Server 2000. New features are outlined, and a detailed discussion is provided about how to best implement security in a Microsoft Windows 2000 domain environment. Source code examples are included for developers who want to implement the security model immediately.


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