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Using Technology for Health

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I've been fairly healthy and fit for most of my life. While I've always had a few extra pounds, I do try to eat better than average and I exercise regularly. That didn't stop age and some pandemic laxity from catching up with me. My annual checkup last December had my doctor (and me) slightly […]


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SQLServerCentral Editorial

Wellness Week

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I work for a great company, one that I feel cares about me as more than a "resource", gives me opportunities (with responsibility and accountability), and has some nice benefits. I actually used one of those last week. I get a volunteer day every year, where I can spend time with a charity and get […]


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Working with Neo4j Imports–I HATE CASE SENSITIVITY


I’ve been working to better understand graph databases and where they can be useful....

Daily Coping 8 Aug 2022


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

Azure DevOps: Deploying Power BI reports with a parameterized gateway-based Data Source


(2022-Aug-08) You have developed your Power BI report, by connecting one or more sourcing datasets,...

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