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  • Last year a friend of ours discussed something called The Conqueror Challenge. Using that he was able to lose weight and improve his health. We've started doing this. The Conqueror Challenge is a means of exercising on virtual trips around the world. It is fun to walk the Inca Trail or Mount Fuji. Both my wife and I have completed two challenges. We started with shorter distance challenges to get a feel for it. I decided for my third challenge to go a longer distance than I had before, because I was completing them too fast. So, I'm on the Romantic Road Virtual Challenge which is 268 miles. I can "see" other people on the same challenge, using the app for my phone. When you complete a challenge, they send you a metal in the mail. We've put our 4 metals on the wall. It is encouraging. We go with the cheapest challenges, which is $30/challenge, that only includes the metal sent in the mail. If you're willing to spend more, then you can get metal plus apparel, mugs, etc.

    One technical note. My wife has an iPhone and she's got a FitBit. The app for her phone works well with FitBit. Since The Conqueror Challenge app syncs well with FitBit it automatically records her distance each day. I have a Samsung Android phone and Samsung Active 2 Watch, which do work together well, but The Conqueror Challenge app on my phone doesn't sync with my watch. So, I've got an alarm set each night at 9 PM to manually enter my distance into The Conqueror Challenge app.

    We're finding this is helpful for the both of us, to get us to move and exercise more. I encourage people to consider this.

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • Congrats, Rod. I'm hoping to hike more. Need to get an ankle fixed in a few months, but then will aim for more walking/hiking around.

  • Steve, thanks for sharing these tips. I'm excited to join in. Best of luck going forward. The gameification of exercise has many new options. For example our cycling and rowing machines now interface with virtual spaces, taking exercise from the realm of solitary self-discipline into social and even competitive spaces. And when we move more and eat right, we all win. Thanks again. Kr

  • Glad you liked them. If you set something up or track your own work, love to see someone talk about the technical aspects of doing it.

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