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  • Well, this will probably tick some of you off, but I just have to sound off on this thing.

    Wellness week, my freakin' arse.  Get over it.  I was raised by parents who ran a family farm and both worked full-time job 20 miles from home.   Nobody ever gave them a wellness week.  They did it because that was the life they were given.  And they gave it to me.

    I am so weary of all the pissin' and moanin' about how rough things are.  Get over it.  I can't relate to what I'm hearing about people just walking away from employment.

    So you want a week off with pay.  But you expect your employer to keep paying the bills and covering their expenses while you do nothing, just so you 'feel good' about it.  And then you will go and ask for a raise.  Or you just walk away from your job and go on the public dole and let someone else cover you.

    At one point while raising my family we came on some hard times, so I worked 7:30am to 5:30pm at one job, then went to a fast food place and worked 6:00pm until 11:pm.   It got us through with no help from anyone.  And through that period I raised a family, paid my college loans off in ten years, and never stiffed anyone for a single penny.   Then my wife died from cancer and I was left to raise a family alone for a while.

    I'm just guessing that most of you have no clue what a really difficult life can be.   My studies in psychology and sociology made me come to believe your life is what you decide to make it.  If you decide to depend on someone else, you will NEVER be happy and content.

    I don't need a wellness week.  I'm well every week.

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