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RE: re-index

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Andy, According to the article at : "If the number of rows in a table are greater than 6, but less than or equal to 500, then statistics are automatically updated when there have been 500 modifications made. If the number of rows in the table are greater than 500, then updates are automatically […]


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RE: Identity Function Problem

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Testing in SQL2000, it does not even allow a variable when used with the IDENTITY function. You could do something like this, however. exec ('select field1, IDENTITY(int,' + @val1 + ',1) AS [ID] into #temp_list from table2 select * from #temp_list order by [ID]')


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RE: Recursive instead-of-delete triggers

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The example can trace 'American family back to the Revolutionary War'. Quote from the article. Done the lineage stuff in 6.5 but the lineage storage (varchar(255)) was a problem because of the key sizes used for the parent/children relationship. With SQL 2000, 8000 characters one should be fairly safe. Lastly, I am a big fan […]


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