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Creating Documentation

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Who should create documentation for software? In many companies, it's the developers. In fact, in Redgate, often our developers are tasked with updating articles for products on our documentation site. We do have a streamlined process that has developers can submitting changes in some format (markdown? ) and an automation process that automatically updates the […]

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Reading and Writing your Database's Documentation using JSON

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One of the problems to which I keep returning is finding the best way to read and apply documentation for databases. As part of a series of articles I'm doing for Redgate's Product Learning, I've been demonstrating how to maintain a single source of database documentation, in JSON, and then add and update the object […]

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2021-06-28 (first published: )

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Documenting your SQL Server Database

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One of the shocks that a developer can get when starting to program in T-SQL is that there is no simple way of generating documentation for routines, structures and interfaces, in the way that Javadocs or Doxygen provides. To embed the documentation in the source is so obvious and easy that it is a wrench to be without this facility. Phil Factor suggests a solution.


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Oiling the gears for the data dictionary

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Documenting the database is always a challenge, and there are many techniques you can use to help all the people on your team understand what all your tables are used for. David Poole brings us an easy way to implement a framework for documentation.

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2014-04-25 (first published: )

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Dropping a Logon Trigger

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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Question of the Day

Dropping a Logon Trigger

I created this trigger for testing on SQL Server 2022:

 PRINT 'Steve logged in'
Now I want to drop it. What do I run?

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