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Database Documentation Survey

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Documentation often gets left behind in software development, perhaps even more so when it comes to developing the database schema. How do you keep yours up-to-date? Do you even think you should?

2015-08-27 (first published: )

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Documenting your SQL Server Database

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One of the shocks that a developer can get when starting to program in T-SQL is that there is no simple way of generating documentation for routines, structures and interfaces, in the way that Javadocs or Doxygen provides. To embed the documentation in the source is so obvious and easy that it is a wrench to be without this facility. Phil Factor suggests a solution.


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How To Document Your PowerShell Library

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PowerShell provides comment-based help for functions and scripts with Get-Help, but when you want to document modues or generate a complete indexed API in HTML format, just as you can with Sandcastle for .NET or javadoc for Java, then stronger magic is required. Michael Sorens shows you how it is done, with source code.


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