Document the output of all the SPs in HTML fashion

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  • The article sounds interesting. I'll have to try the script out. Thanks.

  • Very interesting article. May I suggest trapping the error that comes back from sys.dm_exec_describe_first_result_set_for_object in the event there is an error. In my testing, all of the procedures I had returned no results in your procedure, other than the name. However, when querying dm_exec_describe_first_result_set_for_object independently, I see an error and it appears it is because I'm using temp tables in my procedure.

    Here's an example of the error_message column's value:

    "The metadata could not be determined because statement 'INSERT INTO #tblMassInsert (StartTime, EndTime, Number1, Number2)

    VALUES(@StartTime, NULL, @Cu' in procedure 'spMASSInsert_DNB' uses a temp table."

    Hope that helps. Great work so far!

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