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  • I like this script - really useful - Thanks.

  • PAH-440118 (8/28/2015)

    I like this script - really useful - Thanks.

    Glad you like it!

  • What happened to my description?? Ugly post 🙁

  • Yes, it would be nice to know WHAT it does. 😉

    I think it provides current metrics for all of the servers that have been registered in the Central Management?


  • More doc would be helpful. Thanks.

  • This is REALLY weird. I'm running '14 Developer's Edition on my desktop and I can't do a select * from sys.configurations. The system comes up and says "Incorrect syntax near 'sys'." I run it from my laptop and I get 70 rows of output. Both computers are running Win 7 Pro x64 and are fully patched.

    Thus, I can't run Dennis' code from my desktop. I'll try it against my VM production server later this afternoon.

    *sigh* Never mind. PEBKAC error. 😀

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  • The script demonstrates how metrics can be collected. It is not necessarily about the data being collected, but how to collect it. Other will probably want to collect other data. Enjoy.

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