Discrete and Continuous Data in SQL

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Not all data is discrete; some data types represent a continuum. In SQL, we have to approximate them and live with the special problems of handling continuous data. We need to understand the problems associated with continuous data types, when these will happen, and how it affects constraints and the results of queries. Joe Celko explains.


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Generating Data for Database Tests

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It is more and more essential for developers to work on development databases that have realistic data in both type and quantity, but without using real data. It isn't exactly easy, even with third-party tools to hand. Phil Factor shows how it can be done, taking the classic PUBS database and giving it a more realistic set of data.


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A Memory-Optimized Roundup – T-SQL Tuesday #117


The summary from my fourth T-SQL Tuesday hosting for #117. This time I was...

How do you debug your spark-dotnet app in visual studio?


When you run an application using spark-dotnet, to launch the application you need to...

More PowerShell Remoting coverage in dbatools


Starting on dbatools version 1.0.31 we introduced better coverage for commands that make use...

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