Data Challenges and Travel

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  • I've had a few of travel stories. I had spent a week and a half in Columbus Ohio in March; although spring was near, it was still winter in Columbus and I was anxious to return home. As I arrived at the airport, it started sleeting.  Once I was there, we were told that a passenger noticed something odd with the wing and they had to return to the terminal in Pittsburg and that our plane would be an hour late; I kept thinking about that Twilight Zone episode featuring William Shatner. My final leg from Charlotte to Columbia, SC would be up in the air by the time I arrived. I didn't want to spend another day in Columbus so I flew to Charlotte and once on the ground, I would get a rental car and cancel my flight to Columbia. It was a turbulent flight from Columbus to Charlotte. As I was leaving the airport, I noticed that a turboprop plane was being loaded for Columbia. That would have been another turbulent flight since I was continually buffeted by the winds on the interstate.

    Another time, I was working in Cedar Rapids, IA as a contractor. I had a job interview in Raleigh, NC. My trip was Cedar Rapids, IA to Kansas City, Kansas City to Philadelphia, and then on to Raleigh. I landed in Philadelphia during a severe thunderstorm. Arrival and departure gates were changing by the minute. At the changed departure gate, I asked if my bag would be on the flight. Sure, they said. I arrived in Raleigh and waited until the luggage carousel was empty; so I filed a lost baggage claim. I had my interview clothes and personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, deodorant) in the bag. At the interview, I showed up in jeans and a casual shirt; they noticed my baggage claim and let me call the airport to check on my lost bag. The airport said that my bag had arrived and wanted to know where to send it. I said leave it there since I'm flying out that afternoon.

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