The Crazy Times of Year

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Do you have busy times of the year that recur regularly? In some positions I've held, we had certain events or processes that always caused additional stress and headaches for employees. As a bartender, certain holidays (New Years, Halloween) were extra crazy. In one company, every quarter was an adventure involving a late, or a […]


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More MVPs Than Awards

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Every year, July 1 is the Microsoft MVP Renewal date and quite a few people received good news that day. I was one of those renewed for another year, and I am honored that Microsoft chose me again. I also congratulate all the others that received the award for the first time as well as […]

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Understanding Azure Geo-Redundant Storage


While at PASS Summit 2019, I gave a session on designing Azure Disaster Recovery...

Prompt in ADS


Ever since VS Code and Azure Data Studio came out, people have been asking...

When Too Much is Not a Good Thing


Explore how to avoid unwanted results that oft occur due to lack of attention...

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Xquery help please (XML into SQL table)

By Mr. Holio

Hi everyone, any help with the below would be appreciated - see sample data...

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