Linking Access to SQL Server

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For quick and dirty work, sometimes Access is the best way to work with SQL Server. Andy Warren brings a basic tutorial on how you can link Access to your SQL Server tables to easily and quickly manipulate data.

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2007-11-02 (first published: )

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Digging Into Access Performance

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Access can be a very quick and easy to use tool for working with SQL Server data and for quick and dirty projects, it might be the best tool. But there can be performance issues at times and Andy Warren digs into some of these based on some analysis of what Access does behind the scenes.

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Consume Web Service from Access

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A few months ago, I posted an article here at DBJ named How to Pass Access Data Across the Web. One reader expressed concern over using the Microsoft Internet Explorer library because of security issues. While I do not share his fear, I appreciate that others might, so I began to think about how the process could be enhanced by substituting a Web Service for the traditional ASP/Querystring web page approach described in the article. What follows is the fruit of those labors.


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Access to SQL Server: Getting Started with Access Projects

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SQL Server 2000 and Access databases are two technologies closely linked with the new Access ADP format using SQL Server as the basis for the code. Access Projects are also a way to closely link the two products together and take advantage of each to produce an application very easily. Author Kathi Kellenberger brings us part 3 of her Access series with a look at Access Projects.

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